The best and most advanced level of Warranty cover available


  • Engine
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • 4X4 Transfer Box
  • Driveline
  • 4X4 Differential
  • Manual Gearbox
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Continuously Variable Transmission
  • Torque Converter
  • Propshafts
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Braking System
  • Electrical
  • Castings
  • Working Materials/Casing


What is covered?

IN ADDITION to the extensive cover afforded by standard cover.


Components not covered.

Those listed within the warranty book under the components not covered section. Those regarded as service items or components, which are expected to require periodic replacement.

Additional Benefits

Factory Fitted Radio/CD Players

We will cover permanently fixed items to your vehicle up to a maximum of 25% (including VAT) of your claim limit as indicated on your schedule, up to a maximum of £500.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown resulting in a valid claim, the warranty will included a maximum of £50 (Inc. VAT) towards toe cost of recovery to the repairing garage if the vehicle is immobile, or if continued driving of the vehicle could cause danger or further damage.

Car Hire

Subject to acceptance of a valid claim, an allowance of £30 per day (Inc. VAT) towards car hire may be claimed for a maximum of 7 days, whilst your vehicle is being repaired. Excludes the first 24 hours of repair period, delays due to parts availability, delay in the repairer not being able to commence the work immediately, fuel and insurance costs. To qualify for the car hire benefit you must advise the administrator within 24 hours of breakdown ad obtain authority.

Overnight Accommodation

If the vehicle cannot be driven due to a breakdown caused as a direct result of a failure of a part covered under the "What is covered" section of this warranty and you are more than 25 miles from your intended destination we will pay one nights bed and breakfast in a hotel for you and up to 3 passengers; subject to a limit of £50 per person with a total amount payable of £200 PLEASE NOTE: Authority mist be obtained from the administrator.

Continental Use

This warranty is extended to cover the vehicle whilst in any country of the European Union for a period of not more than 30 days in any 12 month period, with the limit of liability restricted to the equivalent United Kingdom rate for labour charges and parts at prices applicable at the date of the claim.

Flexy Cars Ltd of Southall